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Donate instructions 


How to contribute to Tzahala if one needs a U.S. tax deductible receipt

Send a check made out to PEF-Israel Endowment Funds together with a letter that recommends that the funds be designated for Aluma Amuta Number


How to contribute to Tzahala if you need an Israeli tax credit receipt (46A)

Make a bank transfer to Aluma, Mizrahi Tefachot Bank (20); Branch 401 )Ben Yehuda, Jerusalem Account 266160


Or send check Payable to the Aluma Association. 5 Hamelacha St. Lod Israel


Credit Card: To access a secured site Press here>


How to contribute to Tzahala if you do not need a US or an Israeli tax deductible receipt:

Via credit card or

Via Bank Transfer to Tzahala – For the Israeli Youth; Bank: Hapoalim (12)

Branch: Kadima (653); Account No.: 259778

For International transfers: IBAN: IL790126530000000259778; Swift: POALILIT

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